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JHC&C Leadership Collaborative
Inciting leadership in hearts & minds
Igniting possibilities across the globe
About Us

We are incredibly fortunate.  Again and again we have the privilege of doing work that matters with people doing work that matters. We partner with organizations on the precipice of possibility shouldering incredible pressures: school districts and financial firms, health care communities and federal agencies. The questions before them are daunting...


As a tech firm, when do you honor quality over velocity—particularly when those technologies are designed to deliver life-changing medical solutions?  What does a robust succession planning strategy look like? How do organizations charged with responding to acts of terrorism navigate their own biases? What are the levers to effect change in the eating habits of communities in crisis? Or build the leadership muscle of youth from distinctly different faith communities in an emerging economic nation? At the heart of these sorts of questions are profound value clashes.  And no quick fixes, no how-to guides. These are both long-haul challenges without sure rewards and yet absolutely vital to resolving if the people at the center of those problems are to survive and thrive.

We help organizations develop a mental model for learning their way through dilemmas like these.  How? By planting a shared leadership language, renegotiating the constraints baked into the status quo, exploring a purpose-driven approach to collaborating with disparate groups, creating a framework for experimentation, and surfacing strategies for bringing more people into both diagnosing and intervening on the most overwhelming team-based, organizational, social, and global challenges.  In helping others live into their purpose, we live into ours.

Inciting leadership in hearts & minds
Igniting possibilities across the globe
A few of our stellar clients. . .

Interested in learning more? We'd love to start a conversation. Our practice offers a wide range of services, including building an organizational leadership strategy, consultation on aspirational challenges, leadership development workshops, keynotes, case-in-point training, book club facilitation, fellows programs, and more.

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