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Meredith Lubitz, VP, Talent Management, Dow Jones

"Through all of my years in this space, I have yet to come across facilitators that have such an unapologetic command of their craft. You permeate the passion behind the work and do it with tremendous authority and conviction. You went where most would not travel and provided a space that words cannot capture. I received notes of gratitude with many invigorated, scratching their heads, and yearning to turn the page to the next chapter of the work. I am 100% convinced that your work is going to be the cherished takeaway for many reasons beyond just the material. You are building a better version of each of these participants."




"I wanted to email you and say thank you very much. It was amazing and seeing the effects afterwards in us with the rest of the team is more than I would have imagined going to the workshop. With this in mind, I wanted to ask what we would need to do to bring the workshop to the rest of  leadership team and maybe even further? Thank you very much again."

National Association of Counties


"I realize that I am part of the change and will engage people from different perspectives."


"I have clarity now about the challenges facing me and the short comings I’ve had with dealing with them."

United Nations


“Your session on “Adaptive Leadership” certainly contributed to the overall success of the programme and was appreciated with an excellent evaluation rate. Some participants noted adaptive leadership as their key learning from the programme. We really look forward to seeing you again soon, in our future UN Leaders Programmes.”

National Conservation Leadership Institute


"Jill and Hugh blew my mind. It was like nothing I had seen before and as a result these teachings and methods used will yield a change in me. I can already see it."


"Jill did a masterful job of facilitating tough subjects and dynamics in the group."

Harvard Kennedy School

Marty Linsky, Co-founder, Cambridge Leadership Associates & Professor

Geoff Mendal, Harvard Kennedy School Art & Practice of Adaptive Leadership participant

"Jill is a valued colleague, partner, learner and master practitioner, who has a unique capacity for moving individuals and groups from the familiar but unsatisfying status quo through challenging moments to get to a better place."

"I had the privilege of first working closely with Jill in May 2012 at the Harvard Kennedy School for the Art and Practice of Leadership Development course. She is an extremely caring and competent leadership coach. She provided me with tremendous personal guidance and insight around leadership as it applies to my work and personal life. And she continues to reach out to me to check-in to see how I am progressing on my leadership and personal challenges."

Leadership Victoria

Richard Dent, CEO, Leadership Victoria

"Jill is engaging and insightful. As a facilitator she is trusted and purposive: participants gain new understandings of themselves and the situations they are in. Jill’s professionalism enables her to work in complex situations and across complex cultural, organizational and sociological boundaries, getting the best from people and helping make real progress."

The 100% Project

Frances Feenstra, Chair, The 100% Project

"I first met Jill Hufnagel at the Harvard Kennedy School where I took part in ‘The Art and Practice of Leadership Development’. Jill was on the faculty for that program and from the first, I was struck by Jill’s ability to be firm and hold people accountable, but do it in such a way that it is quite difficult to get annoyed with her. She has a way of holding up a mirror to you that makes you want to look away while at the same time knowing that you shouldn’t (for your own benefit). I am the Chair of The 100% Project, an Australian not for profit organisation dedicated to increasing leadership opportunities for women, and when we decided to convene a Symposium for Australian leaders focused on the topic of leadership equity, my immediate thought was to ask Jill to come to Australia and help facilitate the Symposium with Marty Linsky. During her time in Australia in November 2013 I learned more about Jill. I learned that she is a supportive individual, who doesn’t confuse building constructive relationships with being ‘nice’. I learned that she is deeply committed to gender equity and committed to engaging men with the change. I learned that she is unafraid to ask both others and herself about their part in the current state of affairs and look at what they might change. I have come to deeply admire the way Jill works and would highly recommend her. Her presence at our Symposium made a significant difference to the outcome we achieved and I am already looking for new opportunities to bring her back to Australia."

Vantage Point

Maxime Fern, Executive Director, Vantage Point

"Jill brings a unique combination of superb observation skills and thoughtful intervention strategies, ensuring that the right people are doing and owning the work of change. Jill always chooses wisely about where to intervene to create movement and purpose for her clients and brings a deep and genuine caring that engenders courage as people face their toughest questions. As a partner, she is a trusted colleague, always ensuring her client’s needs at the centre of every move she makes."

Draper Aden


"Our firm engaged Jill to guide us through the process of conducting a CEO search for our retiring firm leader. What happened next was both surprising and ingenious. She knew the most important part of the process would be aligning all of our internal factions not only for the CEO search but for everything important to our firm. Without giving away her secrets,  I would say she first trained us to understand ourselves and each other and then guided us through her process to work effectually together. It sounds simple reading my own words but it really involves a much deeper way of thinking and resolving problems."

Kansas Leadership Center

Ed O’Malley, President & CEO, Kansas Leadership Center

"Jill Hufnagel is a sincere, authentic individual who has the ability to guide organizations, communities and individuals in addressing their most extreme challenges. She has an amazing ability to “be in the moment…be fully present” as she helps others grapple with making progress on adaptive issues. Jill’s intelligence, wit and skill in “cutting to the chase” contribute to the successes of her powerful leadership development programs."

"By far the best learning experience of my career."


"Thank you for a truly transformational learning experience through which I learned heaps about my inner world as it relates to my leadership. I thoroughly appreciate the learning framework which we experienced and the wonderful faculty."


"I have been driven for many years to address the leadership gap and have invested lots of time, money and energy looking for the global perspective, testing my theories and experimenting. I only wish there were more frequent gatherings where people could develop, confront and grow in the leadership mindset.”

Kansas University


“While she completely shattered my previous ideas of what a leader is, I appreciated her redefinition.” 


“This session challenged me and made me ‘re-arrange’ my concept about authority, leadership, and effective ways to communicate my needs to reach a goal.” 


 “This session helped to challenge me personally, expanded my toolbox as a professional, and did an excellent job of bringing the material to life.” 


 “It was one of the most impactful and empowering sessions we have ever had!”

MonAvenir Conseil Scolaire Catholique


“The work we have done with you has allowed me to survive what has been the best and the worst 18 months of my career. When I first worked with you, my narrative was not the same one I have today. The story I told myself was that I was not a leader, and that I could not be the leader I wanted to be. While I am still learning hard lessons daily, I know now that I have always been able to do the work I am doing. I just needed to live it to know I could. Thank you to you for giving me the framework to be a better leader, to ask better questions, to get curious about my own personal growth and for providing me with the tools to make progress.”

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