Leadership For A Cause

Leadership Development Fundraisers: Workshops for a Cause

Want to change the world? Or your corner of it? So do we.

Which is why we’ve launched an experiment in the spirit of adaptive action: Leadership Development Fundraisers.  Rather than the small change fundraising model built on donuts and tag sales, imagine the monumental change of leveraging a high-impact leadership development offering for your network of colleagues and change makers across varying organizations, all while generating a significant chunk of change for a cause close to your heart.  Raise thousands in just a couple days as you bring together a collective eager to develop their leadership capacity and contribute to the greater good while doing so. 
The formula:  a sponsoring client provides the venue and reaches out to her board of directors and larger network to bring in a diverse group of 20-30 participants from a mix of organizations (think: school districts and financial firms, healthcare institutions and government agencies, corporations and start-ups) each of whom buys a seat or small group of seats in a 2-day leadership development program.  Because JHC&C donates our time and materials, all proceeds benefit the sponsor’s charity of choice. So as a group of participants is building their leadership muscle and networking across sectors, they are also building the pot of resources for a community food bank or homeless shelter, an animal rescue or free health clinic.

In short: activate, upskill, and benefit your benefactors and a charity’s bottom line.

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